First Spanish company to apply electricity in the chlorine manufacturing process

A pioneer in the chemical sector

After 125 years of production activity, in 2023 the factory in Flix (Tarragona) closed its last remaining plant.

In 1899, it was the first in Spain and the third in Europe to carry out the great technological change experienced by the traditional chemical industry by applying electricity to the chlorine manufacturing process. In December 2017, the factory closed the electrolysis plant with mercury technology, in compliance with the Chlorine-alkali BREF.

The plant is currently undergoing demolition work and soil treatment.

Former electrolysis plant at the Flix factory
Former mercury electrolysis plant
Demolition of the Flix factory electrolysis plant
Demolition of the liquid chlorine warehouse
Night view of the Flix factory
Night view of the factory from the other bank of the Ebro River

A bit of history

Grupo de técnicos de la SEQF

Constitution of the Flix Electrochemical Company (SEQF), with the German industrial group Chemiske Fabrik Elektron, and construction of the factory.

Una de las primeras vista panorámicas de la fábrica de Flix

Start of activity. The first factory in Spain and the third in Europe to apply electricity to the chlorine manufacturing process.

Vista aérea de la fábrica de Flix en 1914

The collaboration between SEQF and S.A. Cros begins, with the latter receiving the exclusive sale of the factory's production and participating in SEQF's capital.

Consecuencias de la Guerra Civil en la fábrica de Flix

The factory suffers the effects of the war conflicts in Spain and Europe.

Capitulación de Alemania

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervenes SEQF, following the dissolution of the German senior partner, as a result of the World War II peace agreements.

Almacén de la fábrica de Flix en 1949

Electroquímica de Flix, S.A. (EQFSA) is re-established, with S.A. Cros as majority shareholder.

Planta de electrólisis de la fábrica de Flix en 1974

Integration of EQFSA in S.A. Cros.

Vista de los antiguos talleres, planta de fosfato dicálcico y pertetra

Merger of S.A. Cros and Unión Explosivos Río Tinto, S.A. (ERT) and the creation of Ercros; the factory is integrated into the basic chemicals subsidiary.

Demolición de la planta de cogeneración de la fábrica de Flix

Set up of the electricity and steam cogeneration plant, at the time the largest in Spain.

Former mercury electrolysis plant

Celebration of the centenary of the factory and inauguration of a new electrolysis plant.

Control de suelos de la fábrica de Flix

Start of studies for soil and groundwater remediation at the factory.

La fábrica de Flix desde la Reserva de Sebes

Closure of all production plants except the dicalcium phosphate plant.

Desmantelamiento de la planta de electrólisis de la fábrica de Flix

The factory ceases production.

Centenary of the Flix factory

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Flix factory, Ercros published a commemorative book (in Spanish).

Certificates of the Flix factory

The distinctive marks that endorse this factory's commitment to sustainability.

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